Camilo Ruiz Restrepo
Renault of Brazil
Strategic Purchasing Leader | Plastics & Fluids

Camilo Ruiz Restrepo (Medellin, Colombia, 1985) is a Materials Engineer from the University of Antioquia in Medellín, and also has a Master Degree in Advanced Ceramics Materials from the University of Limoges in  France.

He started working for the automotive sector in the Materials Engineering area of Renault Argentina (based in Cordoba), after three years there, he was transferred to Renault Brazil (based in Curitiba), where he has lived with his wife for four and a half years. In Brazil, he currently leads the strategy of development and validation of recycled materials for Renault Latin America (Argentina, Brazil and Colombia). This leadership is done through the activities Eco Design & Eco Conception, which seeks to guarantee that the products produced are increasingly sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Camilo has recently joined the Purchasing team for Renault and Nissan in Latin America, as Strategic Leader for Polymers and Fluids.