Robert Render
Business Development Manager Sustainability
Ravago Recycling Group

Bob Render is the Commercial Manager for Ravago Recycling Group (RRG), part of the Ravago Americas family of resin distribution companies which includes Muehlstein, Entec, Channel Prime, Genesis, and Amco Polymers. RRG assists companies in adding recycled content to their products, setting up closed loop recycling programs, and trading recycled materials. RRG also provides onsite services and recycling for the major polymer producer plants and resells their scrap and wide spec. 

Besides working with customers on recycling and closed loop opportunities, Bob researches and brings new recycling technologies to Ravago to explore opportunities. These include non-mechanical recycling processes such as de-polymerization of PET, PS, nylon, and PE as well as filtration of PP. RRG supplies feedstocks to these processes and provide sales channels for the outputs.

Bob was a founder of Maine Plastics, a post-industrial plastics recycler in 1982 and president from 1994 to 2010. He also created A Greener Solution, a sustainability consulting and management company in 2006 which was sold to Casella Resource Solutions in 2013. His background has been primarily in operations, change management, and continuous improvement systems applied to recycling. He joined RRG in January of 2015.

Bob is an active participant in HPRC (Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council), Plastics Industry Association where he is Vice-Chair of the Recycling Committee, and The Society of Plastics Engineers.