Tamsin Ettefagh
Chief Sustainability Officer
PureCycle Technologies

Tamsin Ettefagh is a proven plastics recycling entrepreneur and is recognized as a trusted advisor to many of the leading recycling and plastics organizations in North America. With more than 33 years in the industry, she has consulted for agencies, banks, potential plastic manufacturers, and has operated a plastics recycling company, Envision Plastics, which she cofounded and grew to be the second largest HDPE Plastic Recycling Company in North America. Tamsin’s expertise surrounds recycling infrastructure, emerging technologies, recycling operations and collection programs, market conditions, types of supply, and how to evolve and diversify markets for recycled resins.

Ettefagh’s proven ability to deliver growth, revenue, and move the needle in plastics reclamation in North America time and time again has shaped her as a seasoned leader and mover and shaker in the industry. At PureCycle, Tamsin is leading the global supply scaling strategy, the corporate sustainability program, and is the Vice President of Industry Relations.