Vytas Gruodis
Prevented Ocean Plastic™

Vytas is the Co-Founder and Director of the world’s largest ocean-bound plastic supply chain platform, Prevented Ocean Plastic™, by Bantam Materials. Founded in 2005, the company is a high volume supplier of rPET raw materials to industrial customers around the world. In 2011, Vytas along with his partner Raffi Schieir established a European office, Bantam Materials UK Ltd, further cementing Bantam’s position as a global presence in the recycled plastics market.


Leveraging the company’s leading position as a high volume buyer of rPET from developing countries, many with extensive coastlines and no formal recycling infrastructure, Prevented Ocean Plastic™ was launched in 2019 to focus on reducing the amount of plastic waste entering our oceans. POP™ gives manufacturers and brand partners a critical path for incorporating recycled plastics drawn from the world’s most at-risk marine environments into their products, while at the same time elevating and empowering the communities of informal waste-pickers who are on the front lines of this effort.


The Prevented Ocean Plastic™ brand is based on four key principles: scale, competitive pricing, industry leading quality, and authenticity through independently certified chain of custody. As a result, it’s possible for brands and manufacturers to source high quality material reliably and consistently, at competitive prices while demonstrating a direct link between their customers’ behaviour and reducing ocean plastic pollution.


Bantam is the first plastics recycling business to be invited to join the Ethical Trading Initiative. Vytas has a bachelor degree from Concordia University in Montreal, and brings over 30 year’s experience in industrial supply chains and logistics.