De Paauw Sustainable Resources
Stand - B545

We give plastics with a past a future; New Use for Used Plastics!

Have you ever thought about how much plastic is wasted around the world every year? Around 300 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into landfills and/or incineration every year. That is as much as the weight of the entire human population combined. What if there were other options for used plastics?

For De Paauw Sustainable Resources, used plastic is the source of inspiration. A source for developing sustainable raw materials that can be used again in new applications and products. It is often said that plastic waste is a big problem. However, it is not the problem, it is the solution. We need to take action and reuse. That is exactly where we use our years of experience for. De Paauw is the connecting link with knowledge of materials. We deploy this knowledge by linking waste streams to the demand for raw materials in the plastics industry. We produce customer-specific regranules from PP and PE, shall we connect? Can we mean something for each other?