KRS Recycling Systems Inc
Stand - B749

Sorting systems for higher quality and yield in the recycling industry

Sesotec and KRS jointly are providing expertise  in the field of contaminant removal and sorting technology. We developed standard solutions as well as complete custom solutions for recycling companies. They  cover the entire range of contaminant removal and material flow sorting, which extends from a sorting system designed to handle larger objects to one that focuses on the delicate task of removing small particles. Through innovative sensors, such as high-resolution cameras, metal detectors and smart software solutions, we help you to manufacture products in top quality with maximum output and to avoid wasting resources. Our machines boast the highest degree of detection accuracy, function reliably over many years and are easy to operate, clean and maintain.  Our process and technology know-how combined with our many years of experience in the field of sorting technology for the recycling industry will ensure that we can provide our customers with the best possible support.  Sesotec systems sort plastic bottles and cups, as well as plastic regrind and “flakes” − plastic pieces that are created during the process of recycling PET bottles. A granulator shreds the bottles at the recycling plant. After this step, the sorting system separates the pieces by color and removes contaminants. This results in homogeneous granulate based on color and type, which can be turned into new, high-quality products. Recycling rates of up to 100 per cent are possible with the use of Sesotec systems for recycling plastic.  

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