Re-cre8 Recycling
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Re-cre8 Recycling is a general and industrial plastic recycling company providing smart and efficient recycling solutions to America’s waste problems. Located in Toledo, Ohio, we are committed to joining with area businesses to improve the environment and create a clean and safe place to live and work for the community.


We are a socially and environmentally responsible business with a goal of inspiring and implementing solutions to the environmental crisis. Re-cre8 Recycling is excited to develop a new recycling program with your company products to help reduce cost and enhance the environment, working hand in hand as a team to accomplish our goals.


Re-cre8 Recycling guarantees swift, organized and confidential service. We guarantee any material given to us will be properly handled and delivered to best protect the environment and remain out of a landfill. Our ten plus years’ experience in the industry makes us qualified to handle your recyclable waste problems.


Re-cre8 Recycling takes pride in being a trustworthy and dependable processor and supplier of recycled products to our supply chain customers. It is our duty to provide our local community with innovative recycling solutions and partner with local businesses. Your company will benefit from this vital cause. We guarantee to assist you in every area of this process to make sure it is handled with complete efficiency and to our supply chain customers we guarantee to provide clean and dependable processed and recycled plastics to suit your every need.


Thank you for choosing Re-cre8 Recycling as the choice recycler for you.