Sirmax North America Inc.
Stand - B538

Sirmax Group is a leading international supplier of plastic compounds and resins, ranked 1st among the independent PP compounders in Europe. Sirmax produces a wide range of compounds, based on PP, ABS, ASA, PC, PC/ABS, POM, PA 6-66, PPO, PBT, PS, SEBS, TPV, SBS, TPO and Hybrid & High Tech TPEs, circular polymers and biocompounds, becoming the products of choice for a wide variety of markets, from appliance and households to automotive, power tools, packaging and others. Sirmax, with its flexibility and 60-years experience in the world of plastics, can help their customers in developing specific products, with the production of tailor-made products to meet technical and aesthetical needs. The production facilities are in Italy, Poland, Brazil, USA and India, and are equipped with 61 twin-screw extruders, with outputs from 30 to 4500 kg/h.