Zerma America
Stand - B448
ZERMA-America is a Leading Supplier of Industrial Plastic Recycling Equipment. With over 70 years of experience, our extensive range of machines covers the entire spectrum of size reduction technology. 

Our Heavy-Duty shredders are suitable for a multitude of shredding tasks. With a single shaft, they can be used for the most unique and challenging materials. They are often used for the preliminary size reduction of materials which are subsequently shredded by a granulator.

Our range of granulators covers everything from Slow-Speed granulators to Beside the Press to Compact granulators-with or without soundproofing-to High-Performance granulators for heavy-duty applications. We provide customized solutions for almost any application in the injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, and recycling industries.

Our Shredder Granulator Combination units are space-saving, compact with low noise emission. They are matched to work together ideally and in conjunction with an advanced control system, ensuring smooth, reliable operation. The small footprint allows the system to be integrated into existing factory workshops easily. Being a closed system, the shredder granulator combination unit also reduces the risk of contamination compared to using a conveyor belt in a traditional two-stage recycling system. The system is well-suited for large volume parts and thicker materials such as flush or purging.

 Zerma-America offers this comprehensive range of machines along with matching accessories: Conveyors, blower systems, metal detectors, fines separators, plus much more.

As a result, ZERMA is able to offer solutions for the recycling of most recyclable materials!

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