Tammy Rucker
Vice President of Sustainable Materials

Tammy Rucker is a catalyst for transformative change, boasting over 30 years of influential experience in the chemicals and plastics industry. With a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University and a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech, she seamlessly bridges technical expertise with business acumen. Tammy's career is defined by her ability to drive high-impact change that benefits organizations, clients, and customers alike.

Throughout her journey, Tammy has consistently initiated and executed significant transformations. Her role at GE Plastics saw her leading or contributing to nearly 100 new product projects across diverse market segments. At Avery Dennison, she turned a fledgling printing platform into a thriving business line, becoming the division's primary value generator.

Tammy's current role as Vice President of Sustainable Materials at Revolution showcases her commitment to sustainability and innovative problem-solving. She skillfully leverages her talents in product development, management, marketing strategy, and business development to address one of the most pressing global challenges – plastic waste.